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The word of the CEO co-founder

Our initial idea was to create a new free mass media with photo, video and real-time messaging to build a story for many. We have developed an extremely powerful application, comparable to Snapchat or Instagram, but to impose on the market of these giants, it is very complicated and expensive. That's when we changed our minds and positioned ourselves in BtoB and launched our Sweebi visual storytelling platform.

What does our visual storytelling look like?

Sweebi is an aggregator of conversation elements and information from the web or your mobile. It offers new functions of collection, customization, management of image rights, geolocation and messaging around a theme or event. It is a communication tool popular with advertisers who enjoy the right to use product content, and a new experience in real time. For the moment, there is nothing comparable on the market. We control content from end to end and efficiently. Each story can be displayed on a dedicated url or website or via our Apple TV or web players. They are built, synchronize automatically in real time, and can be moderate or not. Sweebi with its partners has become a complete editorial tool that allows to form a real "visual storytelling" multi-support.

Take the Tour de France, Sweebi. would allow to present in a visual and interactive way all the digital communications of the event and to multiply the interactions. In fact it is our customers who invent the use functions of our platform. A sports club could allow its members to participate in the creation of the history of its club by publishing visuals, a brand could offer its fans to post photos or videos of its products in a specific situation. It's a good way to get communities to interact while developing digital visibility.

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