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  • How compose and order your canvas or poster from your desk?
    Compose and order your canvas or poster from your desk. Choose a story. Click on the button "build and print your composition". Choose the country. Choose the format of the poster. Choose your design. Your pictures are in a gallery to pick up and making your composition. Display your composition in a dedicated contex. Valid your composition. Type in and valid your adress of delivery. Paid with Paypal or Credit cards. You will received an explaination mail and your bill afterwards. You will received a confirmation mail when the poster is send to you.
  • How choose my story profile and my haschtag?
    Choose the profile of the story (public, restricted, private) and the associated smart model. Validate the proposed unique default hashtag for your event or communauty or edit it. It will have to be easy to understand and remember as well. Do some research to make sure no one else uses it. Choose a code pin or not. Determine the channels on which you will publish it and the moderation level.
  • How to set up your Sweebi account?
    Pick the plan that works best for your event and set up your account. Set up your story profile, channels, hashtags and keywords in the backend.
  • How start promoting early?
    You should include your hashtag in all your event promotion, both online and offline. Everyone interested in your event should know and use the hashtag. People using the hashtag before your event can create buzz.
  • How enjoy your event?
    At your venue, all you have to do is connect the screens or set up the projector to display your smart social wall. An other mean is to use the player web or Apple TV of Sweebi.You can control on content during the event by using the moderating and curating systems available with our platform.
  • How embed your smart wall of my story?
    Let your audience know about your smart social wall before the event starts. We recommend embedding the URL on your website as soon as you start promoting your event. You can display the URL wherever you see fit — on a microsite or even on your front page.
  • How post messages, pictures and videos on your story?"
    Download Sweebi Event on those platforms or used your business app. ​Use your hashtag or the geolocalisation system of Sweebi and eventualy the optional pin code to access at the story in progress.
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