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Sweebi the social wall

Sweebi all in one! collects and displays all social media interaction using your hashtag and our mobile and web apps. That showcase the best photos, videos or posts from your community on our display systems web or Apple TV. Try it out, and learn more, mainly about our AI technology (hight level functions of customization, automatic moderation) and Art printing service.

We give you back control of your brand's visual storytelling

Easy to use

All in one

Artificial Intelligence

at the service of emotion

Less Expensive

Make a amazing visual storytelling with our solution

Stories' power, serving your brand's visual storytelling

Create story about your brand

Boost your community through live experiences

Get information about

your users: 

Who they are?

What they like?

Where they are?

Let your customers improve your brand image

Use Cases



The smart social wall stimulates interaction and brand reach on social networks before, during and after the event.

For which events?

  • An evening or a concert, to generate "noise" around the event

  • A point of sale, to build a digital relationship between a brand and its customers

  • An exhibition or seminar, to highlight the partnership of an event brand

  • A stand, to offer an additional audience

  • A debate or a conference, to encourage exchanges and questions

The smart social wall stimulates more engagement with content shared by employees than content shared by brand channels.


For which goal?

  • Animate your team and create a team spirit

  • Rise the desire of your team

  • Attract new talents with companies' stories

  • Bind your employee to your company

Compagnies Lifestyle

Compagnies Lifestyle

Brands Stories

The smart social wall allows that people attending a branded live experience drives to recommend the brand.


For which goal?

  • Boost your brand attractiveness

  • Add fun and gamification to boost your brand over your customers 

  • Learn about your customers and share your vision with them

  • Help your customers to communicate over your brand

Brands Stories


Our +


Our story

Founded in 2015 by seven experienced and complementary people. Idopic is an innovative and high-tech company that has developed the smart Sweebi platform.


Our vision

Is to offer people and companies a tool to share beautiful and authentic stories and contents (messages, pictures and videos,…)


Our technology

Native mobile app Responsive web app Robust Design Tool Massively Scalable Page Speed Optimized Integrate 3rd Party JS Libraries AI, API and More…


Our features

Post (pictures, videos, messages), Image rights management, content customization with templates (pre-built themes), stickers, text...


Our exploitation

You have total control for collecting, posting & sharing content with real time automatic moderation whatever how, where your user content is displaying


Our sharing system

Content tag management and social sharing integrated with SMM (Hootsuite) and More…


Our art printing

Our fast and helpful service of photocomposition for your stories collection will help you achieve the perfect print, every time. 


Our support

SaaS, Open services/API and More...

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